Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Addition to Our Family ...

Dearest friends and family, we have some important news to share with you. You know we've been thinking for a very long time to add a new member to our family. Well, the time has come and we're very excited to share the news with you ...

No, I'm not pregnant, but I had you going for a minute there didn't I?

We are getting a new puppy! We met him yesterday. He's a German Shorthair Pointer and it's a surprise for Ryder's 6th birthday next Friday. So, if you see or talk to Ryder between now and then, don't say anything.

I'm not sure if we could have been more obvious yesterday when we were jaunting about town looking at puppies and going to the pet store. We drove out to Mountain Home (about a 30-45min drive from our house) to meet the puppy, then went to PetSmart to get the necessary puppy items. Ryder asked why we were buying all this stuff, and we told him it's so Byron (the Kearney's dog) will be nice and comfy when he comes over to stay with us. In the end, he was completely clueless.

We're so excited for the craziness that this new puppy is going to bring to our family.

Here's a picture of the little guy below. We're going to let Ryder name him since it's his dog. I asked him what he was thinking of for names. If it's a boy (which this one is), it is going to be Cody. Cute. If it's a girl, he wants to name it Sheila. Odd.

More to come next week ...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Borney-Skene New Year's Eve Celebration!

We pulled together a last-minute New Year's Eve shindig with the Kearneys and Skenes, which was kicked off with a day of skiing up at Bogus! It was a beautiful sunny day, but oh so cold! After venturing down the mountain, we ended the day with homemade sushi, kids dance party and plenty of laughter at the Bordner "chalet."

Isla & Payton: Double-Trouble

Sleepy kids, post dance party in Ryder's room.

The Boys.

Christmas 2010

We had a Borney (Bordner + Kearney) Christmas Eve again this year! Love this tradition we started last year! You can see more Borney family fun at the Kearney's blog.

Santa came that evening and it was an entertaining Christmas morning watching the kids open presents from Santa! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share, as I got my new camera later that day (thanks mom & dad!). Ryder's Christmas highlights - Bronco gear and new model rockets. Payton's Christmas highlights - big girl underpants, a new camera and purse.

Jeremy surprised me with a new ski jacket and a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona in February! Looking forward to some warm weather, relaxation and alone time with Jeremy. I surprised Jeremy with a new tape measure and house numbers. He must have been a really good boy!

After Christmas present fun, we went up to my parents' cabin in Oregon and spent a few days with my mom & dad in the snow.

Here's Payton showing off her big girl underpants!

Payton and Grandma Jan making sad faces ... it's impossible to get her to smile for pictures! Payton, not Grandma. :)

Snowmobile riding lulls Payton fast to sleep.

Look what Grandma and Grandpa got! A little snow scoot for Ryder. He's quite the little daredevil on this thing.

Off they go down the meadow - Ryder, Grandma and Grandpa! A beautiful day for a snowmobile ride. Below is some video of Ryder riding around the cabin on the snowmobile.

We wanted to show Grandma and Grandpa what a good skier Ryder is so we went up to Spout Springs for a few runs (the baby mountain as Ryder calls it). Grandma Jan decided to join ... and here's a photo montage of her trip up the mountain ... and her help down. Yes, she didn't get off the chair, as she was afraid she was going to run into me. Sorry mom, I had to share.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Look Back at 2010

Embarking on a New Year is a time for reflection, and one thing I do know is that I neglected the blog. As I said on Christmas, I'll make a more concerted effort to share with you -- my family and friends -- more about the goings' on for the Bordner clan here in Boise. Here are a few highlights from the year:
  • Ryder starting kindergarten
  • Jeremy's boxing match - if you haven't seen, check it out on YouTube.
  • Payton's lively, girly personality
  • Peter & Kaitlyn getting married
  • Making our house a home
  • Long weekend in Hermosa Beach with Jeremy, Julie & Jeret
  • Our week at Camano relaxing, waterskiing, reading, eating and drinking wine
  • Girls' weekend in Leavenworth
  • Welcoming a new Bordner Boy to the family - hello Liam Bordner! Congrats David & Katka!
  • And many more ...
And for your visual pleasure (in no particular order) ...


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

It's Christmas Eve, and one of the gifts I would like to give to my family and friends is to reinvigorate our blog. That's it for now ... I'll recap the year on New Year's Eve.

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A tribute to an amazing man, Irv Marr

It was the summer of '98 when I first met Irv. Jeremy and I drove from college at WSU in his S10 Chevy pick-up to Seattle; he was taking me to meet his family. Not just immediate family, but his extended family as well. We drove straight to Irv & Frannie's house in Laurelhurst. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to be sick.

Looking out the bay window of their house down at the pool, I saw Irv & Frannie sitting together in the shade. Such a sweet couple, and so in love. Jeremy's mom and dad were there, as well as his brothers and sister. But there were also aunts, uncles and cousins galore swimming and doing tricks off the diving board. While I was nervous, my emotions were overcome by something else. It was at that moment - looking down at the pool, seeing the love and joy Irv & Frannie had for their family - that I knew this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Irv lived to be a 103. This fascinated Ryder. At five years old, how cool he thought it was to know somebody that was 103. When we talked with Ryder about Irv's passing, I told him we need to give daddy some extra love and attention because his grandfather had passed away and he was going to miss him. Ryder got sad and said, "well, I'm sad too. I will miss him." It was so sweet. Irv had that affect on people; he will be deeply missed not just by those who knew him well, but all of us. But, he is in peace now, with his loving wife, Frannie.

Irv was witty. He was caring. He was an honest man. You don't find that much these days. His life story amazes me, and I am so honored to have known him and to be part of his family.

Most of all, I am fortunate that my husband has a little Irv Marr in him.

We will be coming to Seattle this weekend to celebrate the life of Irv Marr, what a celebration it will be!

And for some more perspective on Irv's life, I encourage you to check out this article from the Seattle Times - have a box of tissues ready; you'll need them.

Sweet Memories to Savor

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ryder Turns Five!

We hit a major milestone in the Bordner house ... Ryder turned five years old on January 28th! What a great five years we've had in our family. Recently, the five year curiosities have sunk in, as well as his literal and determined ways. We've been asked interesting questions like when you die, who takes you to heaven? Or, he likes to tell me "mommy, you need gas," which yes, I usually am, or "mommy, you're driving wrong; both hands need to be on top of the steering wheel."

Also as a five year old, we've learned that Ryder can help out around the house. For example, we now have a chore chart for him. We have his daily activities that he needs to accomplish by just being a part of the family, but there are also things that he can do to earn "commission." It's been fun watching him go through these ropes. One of the things he tried this weekend was undressing - and dressing - Payton. She actually let him. She laid down and he took off her jammies and diaper and then he took her back to her bedroom, and actually put a diaper on her (!), some tights, and a pink tu-tu. The only thing he had a problem with was the shirt. It was quite impressive - I even have trouble putting her diaper on!

On Sunday, we had his birthday party - inviting a whole gaggle of kids over to play and make ice cream sundaes. We had all sorts of candy and goodies to pile high on top of their big bowls of ice cream. The funny thing is, Ryder woke up this morning saying his tongue hurt ... he has a mouth full of swollen taste buds from eating too much candy yesterday. Ick.

We are so proud of our little man - that's what he is, if you haven't seen him recently, he's HUGE. Here are some pictures from his party and other birthday celebrations ...